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EvOluTion Gaming Held A "COD Ghosts 24 Hour Live Stream"

EvO Gaming held a 24 hour COD Ghosts Live Stream on Nov 6th at Twitch.tv/evogamingstream.

They also held an elgato giveaway which was won by @warriorblops2. Overall the stream went well and we received great feedback from the viewers. We must thank the promoters of the stream New Jersey Blast Energy Drinks™ & Novi Novak™. Thanks to all the supporters that promoted the stream. Without you guys the stream wouldn't be possible. Here are some of the EvO Gaming's members reactions & feelings toward the stream.

Kryptonian- "It was definitely worth it. We gained many viewers & subscribers."

Gunny- "It was a really good..... wait hold on i'll be right back, my dad is calling me."

Precision- "I wouldn't know, i slept like a princess in the comfort of my home."

MKGamer- "It was really fun, it was nice to interact with the viewers while grinding out ghosts." 

Editor Sanjay.